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Speedy Web Concepts - Professional hosting, Graphic Design and Web page design and web site development, Vancouver, BC, Canada

798 West 69th Avenue,
Vancouver, B.C.
Canada, V6P 2W3

Phone: 604-264-4675

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Speedy Web Concepts has been offering web design and hosting solutions since 1998.

One-stop solution
Speedy Web Concepts is the professionals’ choice for a successful web presence. Our one-stop solution provides for the development of well-written, well designed web sites and reliable and secure premium hosting, creating the type of image your company deserves

Merging of skills
Speedy Web Concepts has at its core strong marketing skills both in sales and advertising. This, combined with innovative graphic design and web page development ensures that our clients have a tool which can be successfully integrated into their 21st century marketing strategy.

Reliable hosting
Even the most exquisitely designed web site is only as good as its ability to be seen. Our servers are strategically located on a major Internet backbone in the heart of Silicon Valley. This makes for a centrally located, very fast and reliable operation. Our servers are located a few milliseconds away from Yahoo for example so your visitors can expect the same reliable performance from your Speedy Web Concepts hosted web site.

Technical know-how
Speedy Web Concepts’ secret for optimal web hosting reliability and performance is attributed to our extensive experience in fine tuning and monitoring our own custom built servers. Reliability is further enhanced with battery backup and emergency generator power, a climate controlled environment, load balanced servers, standby backup servers, and 24 hour 365 day monitoring of services. Click here for more technical information

Friendly support and economical
Speedy Web Concepts offers friendly expert support to the both the expert and the novice. Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority. Our prices for web design and/or hosting are very affordable for both the start-up entrepreneur and the large corporation. Explore our site and experience the features and high level of service on offer. Then give us a call!

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