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The dynamic combination of graphics, text, animation and color is a large  part of what makes the Web exciting. The proper mix of these four elements in an interactive virtual environment is key to planning and building a web site providing meaningful content that will communicate your message and keep your audience coming back for more and creating the image you wish your customers to have of your company.

Whether you plan to convert existing marketing materials or create a custom look with new graphics, Speedy Web Concepts will create a site with a user friendly design and graphic images that are optimized for the INTERNET.

A company web site is the shop window of your business. Only a professional web site designer like Speedy Web Concepts can ensure that this image is professional and solid.

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Image Matters!

Free initial consultation
The first step in establishing a "Web Presence" is planning. Speedy Web Concepts will develop a detailed navigational map of your web site. This process will lay the groundwork for building a presentation that effectively represents your business. Speedy Web Concepts will strive to learn your business so that we can define a solution that fits your business needs. Being marketing experienced we will NOT suggest all the "bells and whistles" for commercial sites just for the sake of having them since high speed cable and ADSL access are still in their infancy and many of your potential customers may still be using older browsers which are not compatible. We believe that your page should be fast to download, attractive and informative no matter what browser they are using.

Graphic design
Speedy Web Concepts not only optimizes your pictures for the web but can edit them to create stunning effects and/or enhance them. We can also create original vector art work customized for you, the customer.

For customers wishing to design their own sites we are pleased to provide some links offering easy to use software:

Xara - Web designing and Graphic Editing tools
Coffee Cup - Software for web design plus a wide range of components

Free Stock Footage 

Videoblocks - Providing free content for video creation

Free Stock Music 

Providing free production music

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